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The Armory

Welcome to the part of the ship where the guns are kept. On most federation ships this is called the weapons locker. But on the MELBOURNE it takes up a whole corridor of rooms. The rooms that contain the weapons have voice print locks to keep out uninvited guests, and accsess to them is restricted to security, senior staff.



Note: The kirk series of Phaser weapons is based on Phaser Cannon technology, i.e. phased energy contained in cohesive a shell.
(EXAMPLE: The weapons systems on Defiant are based on Phaser Cannon Technology.)

">VT Mini Phaser: This weapon is the main back up of starfleet. It is quite small and easily concealed in the palm of your hand.
type7 phaser sidearm: This >
is a personal phaser weapon. it is a standard piece of equipment with any Black Beret unit.
type8 short barreled phaser rifle: As its name denotes it is a small cut down phaser, good for concealment and easier to use in close combat. It has
a rapid fire rate of 1000 blasts a minute and its power pack is good for 1 hour of continuous fire at this rate.
type 20 Heavy Phaser rifle: This is a long barreled, heavy power Phaser Rifle. It is able to fire 10,000 rapid fire blast a minute and is used
for suppression fire, anti aircraft fire and anti vehicle fire. The power packs are good for 20 minutes of sustained fire at that rate.
type 15 Long Range pulse Phaser rifle: This weapon is the choice of most snipers, it has a range of over 1.5 kilometers and its focal length is designed to be lethal at that range.

kirk defensive missle launcher: This is not a standard weapon carried but it can be chosen from the armory if needed for a particular mission. This is a mini photon torpedo launcher, it is 1 meter long and has a range of 400 kilometers. It is perfect for use against
armored vehicles or entrenched troops. Its guidance system is based on Thermal tracking.
jk:45 Concussion Grenades: These grenades are designed to explode in 15 seconds after they are activated. They can b only activated by a thumbprint scan of a known operative. Thus these weapons are useless to the enemy or anyone who may find them. Encased in a transparent aluminum casing and sealed without a seam, these weapons can only be dismantled by explosion.
jk 74 gas grenade: This grenade has a hollow center for the fitting of gas canisters inside of it. There are various different gasses that can be used, such as tear gas, DDX (a paralyzing agent) or even the new EZT (A gas designed to counter the effects of the Jem Hadars Drug "White". It makes them turn into killing machines, they will kill each other and anything that moves.). These are used to create chaos within the enemy and allow the teams to slip in or out without being detected.
MX Composite Explosive Claymore: This is the standard Claymore charge used for anti personnel traps such as trip wires. It is a 2 kg Low order explosive, incased in a high impact explosive shell. The shell shatters on detonation, and becomes shrapnel in the Device.
jk 56 -2 High Order Explosive: This is a molecularly altered type of jk56, also known as k-6. In its altered form, and with the right detonators, it is harmless until armed, at which point it is the only high order explosive that does not need a low order detonation trigger.
kirk enhansed Vision Goggles: These are standard equipment with all Units. Designed to survive under any conditions these goggles are designed
to enhance poor light conditions for the wearer.
jtk Tricorder:These are standard equipment with all Units. A detection device used to find anything from life signs to chemical trails,
to navigation and medical diagnosis.
jtk Communicator: The RBT or the "Rabbit" as its known is a silent in ear communication device. it is designed so only the wearer can hear the communications, thus in close quarters with the enemy when stealth is necessary, comms traffic will not alert the enemy.

These are but a few items that may be carried in a Kit. most marines use enemy weapons and equipment in their day to day missions. This is not discouraged by starfleet as in the aftermath the use of different weapons leaves questions as to actually who was at a battle and who did what.