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The SOVEREIGN class starship was first launched in 2372 as an alternative to the popular GALAXY-class variations of the the time. The class first proved itself during an invasion attempt by the Borg in efforts to assimilate Earth in 2373, when the USS ENTERPRISE-E was successful in holding off the BORG cube allowing the Federation fleet to regroup. The cube was ultimately destroyed securing a place with Starfleet for the SOVEREIGN class starship. The Melbourne subclass is the first major modification of the SOVEREIGN class vessels. While few visible alterations are evident when comparing the external design and structure of the two classes, (The Melbourne being slightly bigger), there are a number of internal changes. Based on advancements in sensor technology gained in the development of the A.U.G.U.R system (still found only in the galaxyII class), the systems of the old SOVERIGN have been upgraded in a successful attempt to provide increased range and improved resolution. In addition, the computer, shield and weapon systems of the aging SOVERIGN were refit to reflect the current standard for heavy cruisers in active service. This class is by far not the most fierce of the Heavy Cruisers; but with a standard and maximum cruise of 7.0 and 9.4 respectively, the Melbourne sub class is the fastest heavy cruiser in active service. Naming convention: The Melbourne class names are based on south pacific islands. A few suggested are: iwo jima Solomon Akido bahuma bay


 Sovereign Design Vessels Constructed
Sovereign Class
USS Sovereign NCC-1106 (NX) 
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E
USS Deneva NCC-2479-A
USS Royale NCC-2830-A
USS King NCC-1104-A
USS Bismark NCC-1899-A
USS Hindenburg NCC1149-B
USS Appreciation NCC-248-A
Melbourne sub Class
USS Melbourne NCC-65642-C
USS Birmingham NCC-4494-A
USS Erikson NCC-3715 #
USS Ratangi NCC-3716 *
USS Salazaar NCC-1114-B *
USS Tashkent NCC-3717 *
USS Iwo Jima NCC-3718 *
USS Manchester NCC-3719 *
USS Immeasurable NCC-3720 *
USS Quetzecotal NCC-3721 *
* Denotes currently under construction or fitting out
# Denotes currently on trials


2365: Design work begins after Borg encounters. New M/ARA design is standardized for the Sovereign Class. Spaceframe design is approved and full specifications are forwarded to Utopia Planitia for designations. USS Sovereign production begins with a projected 6 year turnover for the prototype ship. Design on saucer separation mechanisms arrive from the the Vulcan Construction Agency. Torpedo turret designed. Saucer section nears 30% chassis completion. 2367: The Stardrive section nears chassis completion. Primary and secondary chassis's now at 100% completion. Computers are delivered for fitting work. 2368: Work continues on habitat and outer hull sections for USS Sovereign. Mid year computer cores are activated and ship functions begin to be transferred from station control to ship control. 2369: Computer system now operating at 60% of maximum. System expected to become self aware within the year. Warpcore begins primary testing. Ablative Armor designed for the Defiant Class integrated to Sovereign Class. Five more Sovereign Class ships near chassis completion and an additional eight begin work. Antimatter regulation control is found to be outside acceptable levels. Stardrive section near completion with final attachment of navigational deflector array. Bridge module attached to Primary hull. 2370: Type-XII phaser arrays installed, replacing the Type-X arrays. Warp Core passes Review Three and is tested to 95% peak. Computer system fully self aware and umbilical from the station are cut as the ship become self sufficient. Impulse systems pass Review Three and being autonomous low level power control. Secondary Back up Generators are shut down and become Auxiliary system control. USS Sovereign leaves dry dock for primary testing. 2371: USS Sovereign returns to Utopia Planitia late in year and warp stress coating is applied. USS Sovereign begins deep space assessments. USS Sovereign returns to the Utopia for final exterior markings and paint. On 1, August 2371 the USS Sovereign is officially commissioned by Starfleet during a brief ceremony. Bridge plaque is put in pride of place and Commander AJ Frost takes command of the Sovereign. USS Sovereign is ordered to begin shakedown cruises estimate to last two years.

STARSHIP INFORMATION Name: USS Melbourne Registry: NCC 65642 - C Ship Class: Sovereign Class Type / Role: Cruiser / Explorer Commissioned: 240101.17 Bridge Plaque: "In Darkest day in Blackest night,Ever vigilant." -Harold Jordan HULL DIMENSIONS Length: 685 meters Beam: 250 meters Draft: 80 meters Number of Decks: 24 CREW INFORMATION Standard Crew: 700 Maximum Capacity: 1700 Civilians: 50 Standard Quarters: 110 square meters per officer Senior Staff Quarters: 120 square meters per senior officer COMPUTER SYSTEMS Bioneural / isolinear enhanced LCARS-II computer core. Computer Core Type: Bioneural Maximum Storage: 6.5 million kiloquads Data Transfer Rate: 6,200 kiloquads / second PROPULSION SYSTEMS Hyperlight Drive: warp Nacelles: 2 Maximum Cruise: Warp 9.3 Emergency Speed: 9.99993 (equivalent) Sustainable Field Output: 5000 cochranes Sublight Drive: MF Twin Tandem Impulse Maximum Cruise: 0.75c (for 5 minutes) TACTICAL SYSTEMS Shield System: Double Redundancy Systems Diaxialated Shield Grid Ultra EM Band Support Rapid Remodulation Systems Electromagnetic Regeneration Systems Shields Sustainable Load: 6,400 MW Shields Auxilliary Load: Up to 68% of primary Phaser Arrays: 12 Type XII Arrays Maximum Emitter Length: 200 segments Torpedo Launchers: 3 forward, 1 aft Torpedo Payload: 100 Mark II Quantum 50 Mark VII Photon 30 Mark II Graviton 20 Mark I Verteron Cloaking Device: Storm Class, Type III SENSOR SYSTEMS Navigational Sensors: Enhanced: 2 primary, 1 secondary Lateral Sensors: Enhanced: 18 arrays of 6 pallets Probe Loadout: Class I Short-Range Sensor Class II Multimission Sensor Class III Planetary Survey Class IV Stellar Encounter Class V Medium-Range Reconaissance Class VI Communications Relay/Emergency Class VII Remote Culture Study Class VIII Medium-Range Multimission Warp Class IX Long-Range Warp 2 'Whisker' sensor probes TRANSPORTER SYSTEMS Personnel Transporters: 6 7-person Cargo Transporters: 4 15,000 metric ton Emergency Transporters: 6 20-person SHUTTLEBAYS / FLIGHT DECKS Main Shuttlebays: 1 Auxillary Shuttlebays: 1 Shuttle Loadout: 6 Type 15 shuttlepods 4 Type 6 shuttlecraft 4 Type 7 shuttlecraft 4 Type 8 shuttlecraft 4 Type 9 warpshuttles1 Type 9a (medical refit) warpshuttle 2 sidewinder class fighters 1 'Alpha' Flyer Captain's Yacht HOLOGRAPHIC SYSTEMS Main Holodecks: 8 Personal Holodecks: 4 Holographic Programs: 1 Emergency Medical Holographic Program 1 Emergency Engineering Holographic Program