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The first image is the best image of the Main Bridge. In this image, almost the entire bridge is clearly visible. This is how the Main Bridge appears too someone standing infront of the view screen. The bridge fallows a seperate color scheme from the rest of the ship, with much more varried options. Consoles, like most aboard ship, are copper in the most basic of colors. The Carpetting is dark gray, with a light gray border. This bridge follows the exact design scheme of the Sovereign-Class bridge, and has four seperate levels.


Conn and Helm



Conn and HelmConn/Helm

Here, the Helm and Operations consoles are clearly displayed. Designed with user comfort and efficiency in mind, the panels fallow an angled, wrap-around design. The chairs are made too meet with most humanoids lower backs, and are also made too be comfortable during long-term use. The Operation's station is too the left. This station controls secondary communications, primary sensor control including long and short range,as well as shuttle craft launch authorization and override, saucer seperation initiation control, and can be used to monitor engineering sub-systems as well. It is also responsible for declaring all internal damage to any enemy ships. From the Helm station, desination coordinates can be entered, warp, impulse or thruster speed, evasive manuvers, as well as orbital control and star charts, are all accessed from this console.

Left mainly for the View Screen, as well as walking space on the Bridge,this area also allows Forward Port Turbolift Access, as well as access to the Captain's Ready Room and the two bridge replicators, located to the side of either door.

  View Screen The virtual viewscreen is not used on many starships. Used not only too provide a much clearer picture than normal, the virtual viewscreen is actually a holographic system. When it is not needed, the screen usually reverts to standard wall paneling. This new pice of technology is bieng updated on all the newer classes and is bieng encorperated into the standard refits.



Secondary Stations

The stations along the Starboard and Port walls of the bridge are secondary stations, compared too the stations that point inward, or forward towards the rest of the bridge, and/or view screen. Stations such as Mission Ops, Enviromental, and two auxiliary science and engineering stations are the primary designations for these stations, and are not always manned. The Engineering stations, as well as Enviromental are the only occasinal exception too this, and may be mand in battle, or during alert status.

Anyone sitting here would be facing either the view screen, or Helm and Ops possitions, making it a primary station. A primary station is any station that lines the primary area of the bridge, and has a sole, primary purpose.


Science is responsible for coordinating all science departments, and sensor readings, relaying them to they're appropriat departments or consoles, and providing a command structure of the science's aboard ship.



TacticalThis station is normally manned by the Chief of Secuirty and Tactical. From here, status of the ships Sheilds can be monitored, and controled. The phaser banks can be charged, targetted and fired from two seperate locations contained on this panel, as can the Quantum and/or Photon torpedosand/or Transphasic.



These images show the Port side stations, as well as Intelligence , and the Engineering consoles.

Intelligence StationThe Intelligence Station is rarely manned and can be converted into any other funtion needed. The Chief Intelligence officer will be at this station durring Red alert.



Engineering StationThe Engineering station is responsible for coordinating all Engineering data too and from Main Engineering, monitoring warp and impulse systems, and issuing orders for the ships repair crews. The Engineering station is the home station for the Chief Engineer, while on the bridge, or the senior most Engineer on the bridge at that time. The station is usually always manned.